Welcome to AP Environmental Science

What is great about AP Environmental Science (APES)?  Science is all around us.  Some we can see and some of it we cannot.  A good portion of APES you can see and this makes it more enjoyable for a student as they think about the world around them and how it works.  AP Environmental Science is interdisciplinary.  This means it consists of concepts which are taught in other science disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Oceanography, Human Geography, and even Astronomy.  Join me this year as we learn about the complexities of ecosystems and how they respond to the exponential growth of the human population in addition to learning about the many different strategies we use or have tried to use to maintain biodiversity and maintain ecological balance.  We will use words such as tragedy of the commons, dead zones, food deserts, acid precipitation, desertification, and yes…global warming.  This course is not just about identifying the problems, but we look at the causes and search for possible solutions.  We will take this journey together and in the end you will have learned to become problem-solvers and be slightly more science literate.